HTTPS Service Definition

The HTTPS Receiver is accessed at:<Method_Name>&<parameter>=<value>&<etc>

To engage the HTTPS Receiver you will need to replace the terms between the < and > as follows:

  • » <method_name> name of the desired method
  • » <parameter> the name of the relevant parameter of the method
  • » <value> the parameter value

Multiple parameter/value pairs should be separated by ‘&’. The methods will work with GET or POST. Values should be URL encoded. We recommend the use of the POST command as the GET command can sometimes display confidential account parameters on the URL line.

For example, to send the message “hello world” to the UK mobile phone number (07912) 345 678, call the method SendSMS with the following parameters and values:

As can be seen in the example, the leading ‘+’ in the destinations parameter has become %2b because of the URL encoding.

Remarks: ASP.NET developers should configure their Web.Config to have a requestEncoding of “iso8859-1”.

Server IP Addresses

Inbound notification requests to your application/systems will come from this dynamic list of IP addresses: