HTTPS Service - Methods - GetPremiumSMSInbound


This method is used to retrieve messages sent to a specified keyword on a short code number.

Please be aware that once you have requested and received your inbound text messages, those text messages will be deleted from the SMS Gateway and cannot be re-requested.

You can choose to receive the return code data from this method as either a CSV string or XML through your setting of the returnCSVString parameter.

If a CSV string is requested, the first line will contain the Transaction code contained within the '#' characters.

This method is not relevant when you have configured, online, for all inbound messages to be automatically sent to a nominated URL. This automated approach is the most common and efficient means of receiving inbound messages.

Each of the string parameters need to be URL Encoded.

» returnCSVString» Boolean
» externalLogin» String
» password» String
» shortcode» String
» keyword» String

On successful completion of this method, any new text messages sent to the specified long inbound number are returned.

For each new message, the following fields are returned:

Originator the sender of the message
Destination short code to which the message was sent
Keyword keyword to which the message was sent
RBID the Reverse Billing Identifier, used for sending back premium messages
Date the date that the message was received, in UK dd/mm/yy format
Time the time that the message was received, in 24 hour format
Body the content of the message
Network the network that delivered the message

Return Data


            <Description>Transaction  OK</Description> 
                <Keyword  /> 
                <Body>hello  world  </Body> 
                <Keyword  /> 
                <Keyword  /> 


    #1# "1","+447980123456","+447781484145","","2009-08-17","10:11:12","hello world ","Orange","843683482"