SMTP Service Domain -

The SMS Gateway takes the subject and body of the email, and sends it out as one or more text messages.

We send the text message out with an Originator (also known as a Sender Id), rather than a reply-path number. The message therefore appears to come from the Originator (often set to an organisation’s name), rather than a phone number.

This approach helps to identify the sender of the message to the recipient. However, the recipient cannot reply to the text message.

The Originator is taken from the first 11 characters of your email’s subject, with the body of the text message taken from the body of the email.

To send a text message, the email must be formatted as follows:

To: number(.PIN) at
Cc:This field is unused. If populated, the SMS Gateway will ignore the contents.
Bcc:This field is unused. If populated, the SMS Gateway will ignore the contents.
Subject:The first 11 characters of the Subject field will be sent as the Originator for the text message. Any characters beyond the first 11 characters will be discarded. None of the Subject content will be sent in the body of the SMS.
Body:The content of the email body will be the content of the text message body. As many text messages as necessary will be sent to deliver the email body, up to an account-defined maximum.

The maximum number of message parts that the message will be sent out in (and rejoined by the handset) is determined by your account’s setting for the EXTENDED SMS variable, set within the Administration Panel of your online account.

Any email body content that will not fit in to an extended SMS will be discarded and not sent.

To ensure that any email signature or disclaimer content is not sent out with your message body, enter $$ at the end of the message body. Upon receiving your email, the SMS Gateway will only send out the message body before the $$, discarding all content after the $$.

Each number must be formatted in its full international format, beginning with + and the appropriate country code. Example numbers include +447836123456, +441345676676 and +336136987654.1234. The last example includes an optional PIN.

Multiple numbers can be entered in to the TO field, delimited by semicolons (;).

Below are the variants that can be used to send your email to. Each main domain offers different email-to-SMS functionality with the sub variants allowing you to send Unicode messages or the defer option enabling emails to be generated, sent to us but not processed outside of defined hours (please contact us to set your out of hours times). You can limit the content of the email to a single SMS, as well as sending your chosen 11 characters (Originator) with the text message, rather than a phone number that is used for reply purposes.

The domain variants are as follows:
Up to 918 (396 for Unicode messages) characters of your email body will be sent out as one extended-length SMS, with your choice of Originator taken from the first 11 characters of your email’s subject