HTTP(S) Service Parameters


arrow body The content of the message that is being sent to the handset
arrow characterSetID The Character Set of the message body, most commonly set to GSM 03.38, or Unicode
arrow clientBillingReference A value you give to help aggregate messages together for onward billing purposes
arrow ClientEnrolmentReference a reference for you to give to the list of numbers you are enrolling
arrow ClientMessageReference sets the Client Reference of your message
arrow destinations The one or more phone numbers that you wish to send your text message to
arrow endDate the date at which a report should end
arrow externalLogin Your unique account identifier found online in the Admin Panel as your account Client_Id
arrow keyword The first word of an SMS sent to a short code or long number hosting your service
arrow number A long inbound number in full international format
arrow originator An 11-character string or phone number that shows the recipient who sent the SMS
arrow organisation The Organisation name of an account
arrow password Your password found in the Admin Panel of your online account as Client_Pass
arrow rbid The unique Reverse Billing Identifier used for sending back premium messages
arrow replyData Provides the location that any replies should be sent to
arrow replyMethodID Determines whether you wish to receive replies, and how you wish to receive the replies
arrow returnCSVString Sets whether a method’s return code data is presented in XML or as a CSV string
arrow shortcode A short code number presented in local format, with no country code
arrow startDate the date at which a report should start
arrow statusNotificationUrl Your website address where, if requested, message delivery statuses will be posted
arrow surveyID The ID of an existing TextSurvey, into which one or more numbers should be enrolled
arrow enrolmentBatchXML An XML document specifying a batch of numbers for enrolment into a TextSurvey, with options for placeholders and per-destination references
arrow validity The length of time in hours that a message will be attempted for delivery before expiring

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