Parameters - StatusNotificationUrl


Minimum Length:Empty
Maximum Length:2048 characters

This parameter sets the web page address that you would like delivery statuses for your outbound messages to be automatically delivered back to.

If a web page URL is given, then any delivery status received from the network operators concerning one of your outbound messages will be posted back to your URL automatically.

If you do not wish to have delivery statuses automatically returned to a nominated web page, then the statusNotificationUrl parameter should be left empty.

For each delivery status change (for messages sent by SendSMS, with statusNotificationUrl set), a string is posted back to your nominated URL in the following format:



URL: Your URL, which must include both the name and extension of the page
destination: The handset whose delivery status has changed
messagestatuscode: The delivery status of the message for the handset in question
clientmessagereference: The reference you gave to the outbound message
messagereference: Our unique reference for your message
partcurrent: The part of the message with the delivery status change, if the message is an extended SMS
parttotal: The total number of parts to the message

Delivery statuses are grouped according to their status type, as follows:

400 - 499: Final delivery statuses, successful
500 - 599: Final delivery statuses, unsuccessful
600 - 699: Intermediate delivery statuses


Each delivery status is returned as an Integer.

  • » 400Delivered to handset
  • » 500Delivery failure - age verification
  • » 501Delivery failure - billing issue
  • » 502Delivery failure - error from operator
  • » 503Delivery failure - expiration time exceeded
  • » 504Delivery failure - invalid number
  • » 505Delivery failure - message content
  • » 506Delivery failure - message is spam
  • » 507Delivery failure - no credit on phone
  • » 508Delivery failure - parental content bar
  • » 509Delivery failure - problem with handset's operator
  • » 510Delivery failure - problem with phone
  • » 511Delivery failure - reason unknown
  • » 512Delivery failure - temporary problem locating handset
  • » 513Message rejected by network
  • » 514No delivery confirmation available
  • » 515Destination Opted-out
  • » 516Delivery failure - invalid originator
  • » 599Delivery failure - reason to be clarified
  • » 600Delivered to network
  • » 601Sending
  • » 602Sent to network
  • » 603Message in transit and being retried