Parameters - Originator


Minimum Length:Empty
Maximum Length:32 characters

This parameter sets the originator value for the free-to-receive message that you are sending with the SendSMS method.

The originator of an SMS message is sent with the body of the message and is used by the recipient to determine who sent the message. It is the originator (or Sender Id) of the message) that is displayed on the recipient’s handset, showing who the message is from.

When you send a message you can set the Originator to be one of the following:

  1. Up to 11 (minimum 3) alpha-numeric characters of your choice. This could be a shortened version of your organisation name. A message sent with this type of Originator cannot be replied to. This Originator setting is most common for one-way, information-giving messages.
  2. A fully formatted international number of your choice, beginning with a + and the appropriate country code. This could be a mobile or landline number. Any replies would be sent by the original message recipient directly to the given number.
  3. A locally formatted shortcode number of between 5 and 7 digits. This would send a message out appearing to have been sent from the shortcode, enabling recipients to reply back to the shortcode directly, through the SMS Gateway.
  4. If you elect to use the SMS Gateway’s reply-path service that delivers replies back to you through the developer toolkit (by setting the replyMethodID and replyData parameters accordingly), then the SMS Gateway will automatically insert a reply-path number of its choosing in to the Originator field. Leave the Originator empty, if using this approach.