Parameters - Body


Minimum Length:1 character
Maximum Length:User defined

This parameter sets the message content itself. The maximum length of a standard, single text message is 160 characters.

You do have the capability of sending messages in excess of 160 characters through our services.

When sending a message in excess of 160 characters, the message is broken up in to message parts of 153 characters, and sent to the handset. The handset then reassembles the message, displaying the message as one extended-length, concatenated message.

When sending an extended-length message you are charged for each 153 character part that is sent to each recipient. This charging process is dictated by the network operators.

The maximum number of message parts that you can send through our message-sending services is set online through your account. To review or amend your setting, login to your account, click on the ADMIN PANEL button, and choose the EXTENDED SMS left-hand menu option.

The default setting is 3, enabling a maximum standard message length of 459 characters.

The maximum message length is also affected by your choice of character set. The maximum message length of 160 characters for a single message (and an extended SMS message having message parts with a maximum length of 153 characters), is based on your message using the GSM 03.38 character set.

If you wish to send characters that are outside of the GSM 03.38 character set, then you can choose the character set that contains your characters by setting the characterSetID parameter appropriately. If you are not using the GSM 03.38 character set, then most commonly you would use the Unicode character set.

Most ideogram writing systems and symbol-based languages, such as Chinese, Hindi, Japanese and Cyrillic, use the Unicode character set to accurately send messages with native content.

A single message that uses the Unicode character set can contain a maximum of 70 characters. If an extended or concatenated Unicode message is sent with over 70 characters in the message body, then the Unicode message will be sent (and charged for) in message parts of 66 characters.