Web Service - Methods - GetSMSReply


This method is used to retrieve messages sent as replies to messages previously sent using the SendSMS method, where the ReplyMethodID was set to 3.

Any text message replies associated with the given clientMessageReference parameter will be returned. If the clientMessageReference is left intentionally blank, all available reply messages will be returned.

You can choose to receive the return code data from this method as either a CSV string or XML through your setting of the returnCSVString parameter.

If a CSV string is requested, the first line will contain the Transaction code contained within the '#' characters.

The setting of the clientMessageReference parameter will have the same value as previously given when invoking the SendSMS method unless left intentionally blank to receive all waiting replies.

» returnCSVString» Boolean
» externalLogin» String
» password» String
» clientMessageReference» String

On successful completion of this method, any new text message replies are returned.

For each new reply message, the following fields are returned:

ClientMessageReference the value of the given clientMessageReference
Originator the sender of the message
Destination the number to which the reply was sent
Date the date that the message was received
Time the time that the message was received
Body the content of the message
OriginalBody the body of the original outgoing message

Return Data


            <Description>Transaction  OK</Description> 
                <Body>hello world</Body> 
                <OriginalBody>Please reply to this SMS</OriginalBody>
                <Body>Hello world</Body> 
                <OriginalBody>Please reply to this SMS</OriginalBody>


    #1# "1","+447980123456","+447781484145","afk758","hello world","Please reply to this SMS","2009-06-13","17:05:41" 
    "2","+447980123456","+447781484146","afk759","Hello world","Please reply to this SMS","2009-06-13","17:06:37"