SMTP Service Introduction

With the SMTP Service you can automate the sending and receiving of SMS text messages from within any application that has the capability to send and receive emails.

You just send the email to us, addressed to the recipient phone numbers at one of our domain names, and with the message body in the email subject and/or body.

We receive the email and send it out as a text message to the recipients. This is a very simple and effective way of adding text-messaging to an existing application.

We support four different email domains, each of which interprets your email differently, providing you with greater service flexibility.

The service is secured through a source email address authentication, an optional PIN function, and IP address lockdown.


  • Send text messages from an application’s email address
  • Receive replies to the sent messages, back in to the application
  • Send extended length text messages, appearing as a single SMS on the handset
  • Receive optional delivery confirmations back in to your application
  • Choose to send your choice of 11 characters with the SMS, or support a reply capability
  • Secure the service with a PIN setting for each recipient
  • Lockdown IP addresses that your application communicates with us using