HTTPS Service - Methods - SendSMS


This method is used to send a single free-to-receive text message to between 1 and 1,000 phone numbers within one call of the method. If you include more than 1,000 numbers, then the call will be rejected.

Messages can be sent with your choice of either 11 alpha-numeric characters, or a phone number that can be replied to. If you wish to send your choice of 11 characters with the message, then enter the characters in the originator parameter.

For the recipient to be able to reply to your message, you need to choose how you would like to receive the replies (in the replyMethodID parameter), and then provide appropriate further details about where replies should be sent to (in the replyData parameter).

With the validity parameter you can set the length of time that the message will be attempted for delivery, before it expires and delivery will no longer be attempted.

You can choose to automatically receive delivery status changes for each recipient of the message, if required. Giving a web page in the statusNotificationUrl parameter will ensure that as each recipient’s message is delivered (or fails), the status will be returned to your nominated web page.

Alternatively, if you wish to retrieve delivery status information using the Web Service, then use the method GetSMSStatus.

You can choose which character set your message body is sent with. The standard character set is GSM 03.38. If you are sending messages that contain double-byte characters from languages such as Cyrillic, Hindi and Chinese, then you should select the Unicode character set.

The maximum number of characters in a single text message is 160 when using GSM 03.38, and 70 when using Unicode.

The message body has a maximum length determined by the value of the EXTENDED LENGTH setting, set in the ADMIN PANEL -> Account Options area of your online account. The default setting is 3, enabling you to send a message with a maximum length of 459 characters (3 x 153 characters) with the GSM 03.38 character set, and 198 characters (3 x 66 characters) with the Unicode character set.

Please note that each 153 or 66 character message part is charged for separately.

You can choose to receive any return code data from this method as either a CSV string or XML through your setting of the returnCSVString parameter.

If a CSV string is requested, the first line will contain the Transaction code contained within the '#' characters.

Each of the string parameters need to be URL Encoded.

» returnCSVString» Boolean
» externalLogin» String
» password» String
» clientBillingReference» String
» clientMessageReference» String
» originator» String
» destinations» String
» body» String
» validity» Long
» characterSetID» Int
» replyMethodID» Int
» replyData» String
» statusNotificationUrl» String

On successful completion of this method, the destination number and an integer code (representing the number’s status) are returned for each number submitted through the method.

Return Data


            <Description>Transaction  OK</Description> 


    #1# +447980123456:1