Web Service - Methods - GetUnroutableSurveyResponsesAsXML


Occasionally, when we receive a message that is too long to be sent to us as an SMS, and is sent as an MMS instead. When this happens, the number we receive the message from is often a network-specific identifier, instead of a valid phone number. This stops us from being able to store the messages against a previous enrolment.

This method is used to retrieve those messages.

You must supply a Start Date/Time and an End Date/Time - this will filter the report so that it contains only responses received between those dates and times.

» externalLogin» String
» password» String
» surveyID » Integer
» startDate » DateTime
» endDate » DateTime

On successful completion, this method will return transaction code 1.

If the survey cannot be found, this method will return transaction code 386 (Survey not found).

If the period between the startDate and endDate parameters is more than a year, this method will return transaction code 404 (Period too long).

Return Data


Each UnroutableResponse element will contain a ResponseType element. Possible ResponseTypes are:

ResponseType Description
Response was MMS As described above, we received a response as an MMS. The body of the response will usually describe how to retrieve the message.

          <Description>Transaction OK</Description>
          <SurveyName />
                <Body />
                <ResponseDate />
                <ResponseType />

The schema for this XML is available here.