Quick Start Guide - Capabilities

The Developer Toolkit provides you, the software developer, with the necessary building blocks to integrate SMS text messaging into your application or website. At the simpler end of the scale, you may need to send a single SMS message on command. As you will see, this is both easy and quick to achieve with a minimal amount of coding necessary. At the other end of the scale, you may be aiming to create a fully-featured, two-way capable system that both sends and responds to incoming messages.

Some typical usage examples of the Developer Toolkit include the following:

  • - Send an SMS message to one or more recipients.
  • - Query the delivery status of a previously sent message.
  • - Collect any replies that have been received for a previously sent message.
  • - Collect any messages that have been sent to an inbound number or short code service.
  • - Have inbound messages automatically pushed to your server where your application can process or display them in real-time.
  • - Get a list of numbers that have subscribed to a short code or long number service.
  • - various aspects of any SMS surveys that are set up on your account.
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