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Sending SMS messages will consume credits or otherwise incur billing on your account. This can cause issues when testing your application, particularly if you use an automated test suite. To counter this problem, the Developer Toolkit provides a TestSendSMS method. This method is analogous to the normal SendSMS method however it does not actually send a physical SMS message and therefore does not incur any charges. The TestSendSMS method will behave in exactly the same way in respect to the responses that it returns to you. This provides a convenient way to test that your requests are valid and to ensure that you are handling the various responses correctly.

The Developer Toolkit provides several web based test interfaces that allow you make method calls directly from the Developer Centre website. This can be a useful exercise before you start writing any code because it allows you to experiment with the service to discover its functionality and behaviour. However, please note that these test interfaces link in to the actual live service, therefore it will send SMS messages and bill your account accordingly (unless using the TestSendSMS method as described above).

The test interfaces can be found here:

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